One Way

from Must Go Wrong- Vol. 01

on view @ 7 Dunham Art Gallery 

Saturday August 30th

6 pm sharp! 


Oh ! My poor little babe ! I'm sorry for you !!!!! Hope you'll be better soon. (and me who came monday/tuesday on your blog to talk about my stupid problems, sorry!).

Awww, thanks babe. still, dont worry. AND, your problems are not stupid. they are all equally important. besides, i like helping people.. it makes me feel good with meself. but thanks for caring love xx


That's completely ok, no worry !But where are my manners !!! I didn't ask you how are you (beside being sooooooo sorry haha ;) ) ?

hahahaha I’m.. well, I’m okay I guess. Had a rough friday but whatevs. I’m getting used to it. Thanks for asking love :) hahaha. 


That's okkkkk ! It was fun to read. I was like Leslie ? Who is Leslie hahaha

sorry sorry sorry! hahaha again, sorry love! LAURIE. LAURIE. LAURIE. sorry ):


Hi ! Ok thank you, i'm going to see what I can do. And you're very welcome. It's nice to talk to you :). BUT you made a mistake my name is LAURIE not LESLIE hahaha. I laughed when i read it ! But no big deal lol

OH GOD DAMN IT! I SWEAR TO GOD I READ LESLIE! HAHAHAHAHA IM SO SORRY LOVE! REALLY REALLY SORRY! and thanks for talking with me :) hahaha again sorry! sorry sorry sorry love! SORRY!:*


Hey Marina ! I hope you're good ! I'm the same person who wrote you (about studies). (My name is Laurie, like that you'll know haha). I just need an advice from you. I really want to work in the music industry (i don't know, now, in which sector). But I know that it can be an industry where you have to know people in order to work here. What do you think i should make for working there? If you have some advice, thank you ! I ask you to you because you are so nice and sweet ! Lots of love !!

Oh hello Leslie! It’s nice to know about you. 

So music industry. Huh. I don’t really know about music industry, but I would say, maybe you can start off with something small but powerful. Maybe a blog? About music and you recommending and you showing off your points of view and what not. Then maybe start linking with small artist, maybe YouTube artist which are more accesible or local artist so your blog start having more credibility. 

Then, try to move forward to maybe music TV channels or other blogs, trying to connect with them or something. 

I don’t really know tho, it’s something I would do. I don’t really know about music industry but I think that would do. 

Also, try to open your horizons to every type of music, also history and other theorical things. That should be helpful, I think. 

And thanks for talking to me! I kind of feel useful everytime you ask me something. Hahaha, anyway, hope I could help you Leslie! Lots of love, babe. xx


i was looking for free furniture but maybe thats not what i was meant to find


a breakdown


 exploding colorful powder 


'Room With A View' By Kasia Bobula

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